Did Hitler Escape? Mike Simpson

       A man sits alone at a small steel table, thunderous, muffled pounding echoes along the cold concrete walls from outside. He blinks as dust falls from the ceiling gently onto his eyelashes. He sits silently staring at the table, to his right are rolled maps. He has no need for them anymore, there is no more land to map. To his left, a pair of binoculars. Again, no need for them, there is nothing left to survey. He sighs deeply and unfolds his hands and runs a shaky hand through his dusty hair. Finally he stands, straightens his jacket and opens a heavy steel door. Nervous officers snap to attention in the hall. He stops, surveys them a moment then slightly smiles "You all have done well. We have and will change history. What we have done will live beyond us." He says in a shaky voice. The officers look sideways at each other. He walks down the narrow hallway, lights flickering as the booming grows louder.
       He turns to a man in uniform, "Bring my wife to my office." He orders, the soldier salutes and scurries away into the bowels of the tunnel. He enters another room and sits at a large desk, as he reaches to turn on a lamp a thunderous, shaking boom shakes the walls. He flinches as it echoes through the bunker, men and women cry out in alarm. Somewhere in the distance a child begins crying. A short time later, a small frame brunette enters the room. A strange calm on her face, she looks at the feeble man with faith in her eyes. "Are we leaving Berlin?" She asks. He stands and guides her to a chair and sits across from her.
       "Yes, we are leaving in a fashion." He answers as he strokes her hair lovingly. He pauses, an indescribable emotion crosses his eyes as he hands her a small box. She gasps slightly as she opens it and looks at the content. She looks up at him, he smiles slightly and nods. She extracts a small pill and holds it in front of her. "Are you sure?" She asks, "Yes, my love. Its the only way." He softly answers. Again the moment is shook literally from a deafening thunder outside. The walls shake in their efforts to hold back the cacophony. "You must hurry now, Dear. I will join you shortly." He pushes the pill towards her lips. She holds back a tear as she takes the pill in her mouth and crushes the small ampule in her teeth.
       He reaches over and pulls her close to him, her head in his chest. He rubs her back and looks grimly at the wall for awhile. Suddenly she begins to shake violently, and gasp for breath. He holds her tightly against him, whispering in her ear. She stiffens and he stands quickly and guides her stiff body to a couch as she stares at him in horror, ashen and bluish lips marring her beauty. He watches as her death throes stop and closes her eyes for her. He stares at her now still body, resolute. The blank expression of a man giving in to his fate. He walks calmly to the desk, opens a drawer and with draws a pistol. He sits on the couch next to Eva's body, turning the pistol over in his hand.
       Outside the room, a shot rings out. Ringing metallic inside the bunker halls. Almost drowned out by the distinctive squeek of tank wheels outside the reinforced bunker doors. Soldiers run and crowd around the doorway as an officer opens the door slowly, fearing his fears will be true. He enters, then slowly backs out and closes the door grimly. "What is it Sir?" one asks. The Officer looks up, face ashen. "It is the Fuhrer. He is dead."

       This is how many imagine the death of Adolf Hitler. Suicide after his newlywed wife poisoned herself with cyanide at his behest. A tyrant dead, by the most cowardly of acts as the soviets were pounding Berlin and at the doors of his bunker.  Russian artillery firing near the Chancellery from the streets of Berlin.

       With the Fuhrer dead, the war for Berlin was effectively over with Joseph Goebbels choosing suicide for him and his family, like his mentor rather than surrender. Or was the Fuhrer dead? Yes, you heard me right. Many scholars and explorers of history believe that Hitler escaped Germany just before the Soviets moved over a million troops into the hills surrounding Berlin. Inquiring minds want to know, DID HITLER ESCAPE? So we asked Mike Simpson to join us on the House of Mystery to answer that question. 
       Mike Simpson serves as a consultant/adventurer for the History Channel's hit series "Hunting Hitler". He has served over three decades in the military as an Airborne Ranger, a Special Forces Operator and as a Doctor of Emergency Medicine assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Throughout his career, Mike has deployed to 17 different countries, from counter-narcotics operations in the jungles of South America to the Global War on Terror (GWOT) in Southwest Asia and North Africa. Specializing in both rural and urban reconnaissance, Mike has worked directly with law enforcement and intelligence organizations around the world, including clandestine and classified “black ops,” in order to bring criminals and terrorists to justice. 

     I'm not going to ruin the show, but Mike and his team of Dr's, Investigators, Scholars, Historians all agree that it is possible that Hitler found himself in Argentina, South America. Mike has had to sift through the clues, interviews with possible witnesses and possible artifacts all in search of that elusive connection between Adolf Hitler and South America. We have all seen "The Boys From Brazil" But is it possible? Given the hints Mike gave us, Yes, it is possible. Does a fourth Reich exists now? Mike agrees it does exist on a scale we can't imagine, or more accurately where we don't see it. 
   Steve Lampley asked an important question; How many of the third Reich are alive now? Probably none, but the danger actually lies in the passing of the mantle to a younger generation. Could your neighbor be a nazi? How about the person in line in front of you in the grocery store? How about your new son-in-law? Think about that the next time you meet that person who isn't "Quite right". Want more? Listen to us on:




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